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2Tangos goes EDU @ Tel Aviv University

2Tangos at Tel Aviv university

Today, we’d like to share some exciting news and also talk about some of the things we’ve been working on.

We are extremely proud to announce our first EDU partnership with Tel Aviv University

Students at TAU now have their very own version of 2Tangos allowing them to trade their knowledge (sounds familiar?) with fellow students around campus.

We are quiet excited about this and think its a cool opportunity to put 2Tangos to good use for students.

In the first 2 weeks since our soft launch, we’ve received dozens of full submissions from students and were able to find an exact match for 1 in 8 students!

Interested in using 2Tangos for your organization? Get in touch with us at hello@2Tangos.com - We are game!

In other news. We are working on a little visual refresh, a facelift if you’d like. Also, we have been fiddling around with personalized recommendations giving our users some useful inspiration during submission; more news to follow shortly!

Get in touch if you have questions, remarks, feedback or anything else.

See ya